Fundraising for Nonprofits: What the Bible Says 

(ISBN: 978-1-105-54354-8)

•Learn Purpose, Mission, and Board Development
•Learn Strategic Partnerships and Revenue Diversification

Jada Goes to Pre-School: A Book on Transitions 

(ISBN: 978-1-533-63050-6) Age: Newborn to 6

Change is difficult for all of us, but we know that the love of family is lasting and enduring.  Take a trip with Jada and her family as they overcome loneliness and fear to positively embrace change.

P5: The Five Secrets to Successful Grant and Bid Proposals

(ISBN: 1535374179)

​Download this full 5 part  video training today and learn the five secrets of successful Grant and Bid Proposals - Pain, Precision, Price, Professional, and Personality.

Paperback: $18.04

EBook: $7.99

7-Day Online Incubator Course

Paperback: $13.99

EBook: $7.99

1-hour Online Course $49.00

Paperback: $9.95

The 2 Laws of Standardized Testing: The 1-hour Test Prep Course

(ISBN: 9781545029510)

It is our hope that this book serves as a springboard toward following your purpose in life. By using these two simple strategies we call the 2 Laws of Standardized Testing, you will begin to look at the entire test differently.

Inclusion: the Art of Story-Listening

This book provides narratives, counter-narratives, academic research, and activities to better understand the Art of Story-Listening in theory and practice. The selected voices are former students, colleagues, and professors who share their stories and lessons on inclusion. It is our hope that this book helps your everyday practice in the craft of mindfulness and the art of story-listening.

Starting Your Business From the Unemployment Line 

(ISBN: 978-1-304-07847-6 )

•Learn to obtain an EIN and Business Bank Account
•Learn to build a Business Website and use Social Media E-Marketing
•Learn Bending Reality,  Flipping the eMailbox, Swagger Factor

Finding Your Purpose in 15 Minutes

(ISBN: 978-0-557-94471-2)

•Learn to identify your purpose, passion, and people
•Learn to create your Purpose Proposition or Mission Statement
•Learn to connect your mission to a service or product

  1. Paperback: $18.85

EBook: $7.99

One-on-One Online Course $49.00